Friday, September 5, 2008

Well, shoot....LOL

Today I made a card for my friend Joani who has a Birthday on Monday, and I was gonna post it to her blog because she has some BLOG CANDY offered ( go check it out!), but dippy me mailed her REAL card Tuesday ( I didn't think it'd get there so fast!) and she got it today! Oh well, I have the other one I made to show you that I did for the Sketch Challenge at

Sketches {by Tamera}. I wanted to post this one to her blog for the contest and then hoped the one I sent didn't get there til Saturday. Had I waited til today to mail it, the card wouldn't have made it til Tuesday...LOL! Such is life....

I was sick yesterday, so I didn't get to post, but today I got a couple things made, so I will post again in the morning. It is past midnight here, and I better hit the pillow is calling my name. Sweet Dreams, everyone!



Giovana said...

Pretty card!!! Your pink as main color goes perfect.
God bless

Gabby said...

WHAT!!! Julie is bloggin' and I didn't know!!! Hi Julie! I'm adding you to my blog roll call! :D