Friday, September 26, 2008

I am feeling Spooky....

This is my first day with NO CIGARETTES...arrgh. So far, so good, say your prayers for me, I sure am sending them up! fit in with my wonderful mood, hehehehe, I thought I'd pull out my favorite little Witchypoo. I water colored her, and it seems the sunlight kinda drown out her green face... I used purple ink on my CuttleBug Folder to get the background. This card will go to my partners in a Halloween Swap...I am in 3 of them, so dunno which one, YET...LOL. Well, I have to get away from the puter, as this is my main smoking spot, I have to avoid it today...FOR SURE!! You all have a fabby day, and see you later!

Rubber Hugs,

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