Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I spent part of the day yesterday playing with my Un'udder Birthday Set from TAC. I have had them for a while and they were UNinked! I just adore COWS, especially black and white ones. I have a couple special friends I wanted to make cards for, so I thought yesterday was the day!
This one is for a dear friend who is always so thoughtful! I used my CB Paisley Embossing folder ( actually, Shelli's BFF, Ashley, was playing with the CB, so I let her do it) . The Ribbon along the bottom is just plain white, and I used the little cow spots stamp that comes with the set to give it some spots. I love how it turned out. I DO need to invest in the Nestablilities...I cut the oval with my Coluzzle , then used Fiskars scissors to do the scallops. I hate when they don't come out evenly. LOL Am I a bit anal? Anyway, this was a fun one to do...this little cow is SO Cute!!

Oh Goodness I think I figured out how to do 2 pics in the same post...YAY ME! hehehe
This one was made for another special friend who has a birthday coming up very soon! We Virgos gotta stick together.... I have alot of September Bithday Cards to make in the next couple of days. I have a brother the 4th, Gail's is the 12th, my BFF Darla's is the 15th ( Her bday is one week before mine, and her Mom's was one week before MY Mom's, isn't that cool?) another brother the 23rd, and a brother-in-law the 30th. Geesh, I am gonna be busy the next couple of days. Plus my Parents Anniversary is the 11th....arrgh I just got dizzy....
This card was a RIOT to make. Isn't that cow just so cute? I did the water with watercolors and the rest with inks. I used a template for the clouds....I got that cloud template a bazillion years ago, and it was probably the best $4 I ever spent, cuz I use it all the time. The layout is one I posted for a Card Challenge on CMBH, an MSN Group you hear me talk about alot. Oops, the dogs wanna go outside, so I better hit the door with them. We are due to get Gustav Storms here for the next 3 days, so I gotta let the boys OUT when they need to go....LMAO! Have a great day and Be Creative!
Stamping Hugs,


Claudette said...

Fantastic job on the cards, and great stamps.

Joani said...

oooh - that's MY card and I just got it in the mail! Thank you Julie ~ I always love your cards!
I'll put you in for my blog birthday candy I've got going!
Thank you again! I love it!