Saturday, September 6, 2008

Happy Anniversary, Mom and Daddy

My parents celebrate their 43rd Anniversary on 9/11, so I wanted a pretty card for them. I saw this card on SCS and thought it was just so pretty, I CASEd it. I have to mail it, so I didn't do it square, even though I love the 4 X 4 cards. I changed the colors up a bit, and the shape of the sentiment. I used different ribbon, too, but I LOVE the wider ribbon better. Again, it was for ease of mailing. I hate when that happens! If I was in Iowa, I'd have done it ALMOST exact, as I just LOVE the look of the original!
I am sorry I have been neglectful of Blogland the past couple of days. Yesterday was the day from...well, it was bad. I am switching phone service, internet service and TV service to AT&T from Cable, and oh goodness, what a fiasco! Suffice to say, the ONLY thing that was working on installation yesterday was the phone service. I was LIVID! My internet is on 24/7, and I had NONE for over 24 hours! I am suprised I didn't die! LOL Anyhoooo....I am up and running again, and faster than ever! Now when Dish Network comes on Wednesday, if they mess up, I am gonna send them on their way! I left the TV alone since they don't hook it up 'til Wednesday, so if DN misses the boat, I will still have cable....lesson learned obviously!
I will be working on more September Birthday cards tomrrow, so i will have some goodies to share I hope! See you then....

Rubber Hugs,

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Gabby said...

This is so pretty Julie! Happy Anniversary to your mom and dad! Now that's a lifetime!!! HUGS!