Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sorry I disappeared....

I have gone back to work, and my ME time is GONE! I was determined to make SOMETHING today. I have a Sketch Swap due in one of my Yahoo Groups, so that was my focus. I just got this set from TAC, its name is Love and Laughter, and wanted to ink it up. I have been on a monochromatic thing the past little while, thus, monochromatic...LOL! I cuttlebugged the first layer and rubbed some Old Olive over it to make it stand out. The sketch looked like it wanted some ribbon between the image and sentiment, but I chose to use paper instead. I really like doing the little white just adds something in my opinion.
Well, I am just exhausted, so I am gonna head to bed. I hope you all have a great Friday! TGIF!!

Rubber Hugs,

P.S. Don't forget to check out the great Blogs offering Blog Candy in my Sidebar!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Wow, what a week....

I forgot I don't like to work...LOL! I am totally exhausted today, and I haven't done a darn thing. Well, I do have something to share today... I made this for a Double Slider Card Swap. I wanted to do one of the Holidays, so I decided Thanksgiving would be better than Halloween, because I have already done a bazillion Halloween cards...hehehe. I just LOVE fall colors, so I am pretty satisfied with this little devil....isn't the Indian Princess cute? Have a GREAT rest of the weekend...I am gonna try to get something else made tomorrow. See you all soon....Be sure to check out all the Blog Candies I have listed...they are FABBY!

Rubber Hugs,


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My name is Julie, and I am a Blog-a-holic....

I just LOVE to blog hop all day!! I get some of the neatest ideas, and there is SO much wonderful talent out there...blows me away!! One of my favorite things to do is take the various challenges that are put out there. Today I found one that involves Blog Candy! Check it out at The Buck Stamps Here. Her challenge is to get started on your Christmas things...a card, package, candy wrapper...something Christmas. Here is my Card...can ya tell I am one for Non-Traditional colors on my Christmas cards? LOL

I am a bit disappointed, though, because this looks Blue when it is actually Purple...I have told Santa I want a new camera for Christmas.

I have a few other things in the works, so I should be back soon with those. I go back to work FULL TIME on Friday....Arrghhh, there goes my Stamping Time...Oh well, I will make some each day, I am sure. Have a Fabby night....

Rubber Hugs,


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Think Pink For Awareness!

I was Blog Hopping and came across a challenge at Slumber Cards to make a Pink Card and send it on to someone who needs cheering. As most know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and like so many, I have had loved ones affected by this disease. My Paternal Grandmother, who was a survivor for 16 years then had it metastisize into her lungs as so many do. This was my first experience. Then my best friend's other Mom...who was taken from us at the tender age of 42. Just 2 weeks ago, my Aunt was diagnosed and had a lumpectomy. Recently, they have decided to take more tissue because they are not positive that they got all of the cancer cells. She will have another surgery soon, so please say a prayer for her. Aunt Carol will be the receiver of this card. It is made with much love and HOPE!! I BELIEVE she will be cancer-free, just like her mother was!

I got a wonderful Suprise this morning as I Blog Hopped. I won a Blog candy at
In the smARTworks. It is a COOL set of Owl and Owl Sayings.....How lucky can I be?

I hope you all have a wonderful day!

Rubber Hugs,


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Forced to find some Mojo....

I dunno what my problen has been this past week...I have totally LOST my Mojo!! Yesterday, I was forced to find some, though, because I have swaps due out tomorrow...LOL!

Today is my daughter's 17th Birthday....HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SHELLI!! We did an Asian Brunch and then she and friends went to the movies. I LOVE to see the girls having fun and giggling!! Although I miss my little girl, I am so proud of the WONDERFUL young woman she has grown into!! I Love you, Baby Girl!

OK enough of that, or this ol' sappy Momma is gonna blubber.....

Here is the card I made yesterday. I kinda like it...which suprises me because I had no idea what I was doing. The only requirement was to have a cake somewhere on the card. I chose SU Birthday Whimsey, and the Red, White and Blue Stripes. It all kinda just developed from there.
I did my favorite layers and ribbon...and had to throw a little CB in there too. Voila~
I hope I can get some Get-Up-And-Go tomorrow.....'til then, have a great evening!
Rubber Hugs,

Monday, October 13, 2008

Yippee Monday!

Welcome to a new week!! I got to sign my paperwork to Sub with the schools, and I am headed to the High School tomorrow....that was fast, eh? Today I worked a little on some swaps....I am in a Double Slider Swap, so I figured I best make one and see how they go together. Thanks to Splitcoast Stampers, I was able to follow the tutorial, and voila, here it is.
I just LOVE this stamp, she is one I won via Blog Candy a few weeks ago. She is available at Whiff Of Joy Stamps, I just love all of the adorable designs they feature! Check them out, for sure!
I am off to bed...gotta work in the morning...arrgh, back to a job is gonna kill my ME time...LOL! You all have a great day, and I will have more tomorrow!

Rubber Hugs,

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Long Weekend...

I have spent the entire week battling a Sinus Infection, and have done NO creating...arrgh. Tonight I got online and did some Blog Visiting, and have come across a Few really fantastic blogs that are offering not only WONDERFUL talent, but also Blog Candy! Check out
Bunny-Zoe's , Edna's Place , The Craft Table and Natalie's Crafting Fun! You will love the Beautiful work these gals do, and their Blog Offerings...

I am happy to announce that this past week, I have landed a job back with the schools! I am really happy about it, too...and tomorrow I get to go sign my contract. I will be here later in the day with something to post, as I have a bazillion things I need to work on. I hate when I lose my Mojo due to illness!! Talk to you all soon!


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Gonna Try This Again...

I posted earlier today, and, POOF it was gone! Sorry I didn't have time to do it again until now, but I'm Baaa-ack. Scarey? I know....NOT!
I decided this year instead of procrastinating, like I usually do, I am gonna get a jump on my Christmas Cards. So today, while the kids were being quiet...all of about 20 minutes...I put this card together. I must have seen soemthing similar somewhere, because I just did it. The stamp set is SU Priceless. The sentiment is computer generated and says "May Your Days Be Merry And Bright". I used pretty traditional colors for a pretty non-traditional looking card-good old red, green and yellow. I was very satisfied with how it turned out, and thrilled at how fast it went. I see more of this style in my cardmaking future.

I thought I would introduce you to the newest member of the Family..this is little Miss Star Baby. She is a 3 1/2 month old Peek-a-poo. I wasn't in the market for another FurBaby, but when her Momma asked me to take her and Love Her, ( my Neon Sucker Sign was BLINKING) I just couldn't say no. Her Momma works LONG hours, and just didn't feel that she was giving her the attention a puppy needs, so she passed her to me with lots of love. I am already in love with the spirited little Furball, and can't wait to see what she looks like full grown. She is currently shaved, and kind of reminds me of my cocker spaniel ( underbite and all) but I know she won't look like this for long. She loves her Momma Julie, too. I should change her name to Shadow Baby...LOL.

Well, I am keeping my fingers crossed this one posts....Have a FABBY night all! Sweet Dreams~

Rubber Hugs,


Sunday, October 5, 2008

I've Been Tagged....

One of my Blogging Buddies, Giovana, has tagged me....( Be sure to go send her a congrats on making the Design Team at Mothers and Daughters Creations!!)

Here are the Rules:

1. Link your tagger and list these rules on your Blog.

2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your Blog...some random, some weird.

3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their Blogs.

4. Let them know they have been Tagged by leaving a comment on their Blog.

Hmmmm what doesn't everyone already know about me? Aren't I an open Book? Here goes:

1. I have been cardmaking for about 10 years now ( that was when I bought my first stamp) but have only been FAITHFULLY making cards for about 5 years. I think I am more of a "collector" of stamps than a "user" of them.

2. I was a professional singer for over 20 years. Few people know this....

3. I love to gamble! THIS is NOT a good thing, as it can interfere with stamp collecting...errrr, buying. Since moving here to Arkansas, the Casinos aren't as easily accessable as the River Boats were in Iowa, but I DO still make it to Oklahoma occasionally to hit the slots....LOL.

4. Here is a weird one- I get along with my ex-husband! Yup, we are better friends that we were ever spouses. He really is a good peron, just a crappy husband...LOL!

5. I had my first child at the age of 30...yeah Old, eh? I labored 22 hours and they took her C-section...but I thank God everyday for her!! She is my Sunshine...

6. I love to watch TV....anything on HGTV, TLC, or primetime music shows like American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance, Dancing With The Stars, ect. I can watch TV and create at the same time...LOL!

7. I LOVE Gummy Bears! I will choose them over Chocolate, anyday!!

WOW, that was difficult! Guess I am SO not exciting...LMAO! Sorry, gals, but here is who I will tag....

I visit about 40 Blogs a day, but these are the only gals I KNOW.....

OK, now for a card. I made this yesterday in honor of World Cardmaking Day...I needed some more Halloween Cards, and this is one of them. I am running late for a cook-out, so if I get back at a decent hour, I will post more of yesterdays creations. I don't have many Halloween Stamps, I have discovered!! This is just a mish mash that was in my head and made it to paper. I thought it needed some bling, so I stickled the ghosts and spider web.
Have a great Sunday, everyone!
Rubber Hugs,

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Isn't She Pretty?

Last week I told you I won a couple of Blog Candy give aways, and this pretty image was in one of those. I am not sure who makes her, I am thinking possibly Whiff of Joy Stamps, but she really is gorgeous.
I used a pretty white base piece from my DCWV Glitter stack, because I really wanted the image to be the focal point without alot of bling...whoa, that is a change for me....
Again....Blue. What is it with me? Today I WILL make something that DOES NOT USE BLUE! Maybe if I keep saying it, I will believe it...LOL! I took a tumble down the stairs Monday, and believe it or not, today I about delayed reaction, eh? It is hurting to sit here at the puter, so I will close for now. Have a great Humpday, and I will talk to you all soon!
Rubber Hugs,
I have since found out that she is indeed a Whiff of Joy Stamps...her name is Willow with Lantern, and she was a new release as of Sept. 24th. Be sure to check out their site...some adorable stamps, for sure!!