Sunday, October 12, 2008

Long Weekend...

I have spent the entire week battling a Sinus Infection, and have done NO creating...arrgh. Tonight I got online and did some Blog Visiting, and have come across a Few really fantastic blogs that are offering not only WONDERFUL talent, but also Blog Candy! Check out
Bunny-Zoe's , Edna's Place , The Craft Table and Natalie's Crafting Fun! You will love the Beautiful work these gals do, and their Blog Offerings...

I am happy to announce that this past week, I have landed a job back with the schools! I am really happy about it, too...and tomorrow I get to go sign my contract. I will be here later in the day with something to post, as I have a bazillion things I need to work on. I hate when I lose my Mojo due to illness!! Talk to you all soon!


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Rosietoes said...

Hi Julie. Thank you for joining in with the birthday draw on my blog. All the best! Edna x