Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wicked Wednesday

Oh what a day! I spent 5 hours in the Emergency Room today after having some strange chest pains at work today. The only thing they totally ruled out was a heart attack and I have Bronchitis again. I go for a follow up with my family doctor tomorrow so maybe I will have more info then. I DO know that I will be referred to a Cardiologist and a stress they saw SOMETHING. I didn't work in Cardiology for years and not pick up a few things...LOL!

Anyhooo....enough of that! I did get a card made tonight for a Thinking of You Swap I am in. I wanted something simple and pretty, so I went for a single layer which is NOT easy for me, and alas I failed...LOL! Goodness only knows I'm not a one layer type of gal, so I did the closest I knew how. Yellow and purple are my favorite colors, so I used them on this card. I used the retired set Sweet & Sassy from SU. Did a little scoring for and added touch and called it done. I was happy...hope my fellow swappers are...
Well, I am off to bed...I am exhausted! Have a great night, and see you tomorrow!
Rubber Hugs,


Sally said...

I sure hope you are feeling better and the doctor can find what the problem is. Will be praying that it is nothing serious. Love your card. The colors are Spring Fresh!

Barb said...

That card is way too adorable, love what you did with it. I can't do the one layer I hope you are feeling better & it's not too serious.

Cindy said...

Great card Julie, and thanks for the awards, I appreciate that someone enjoys my blog.