Monday, January 19, 2009

I Love My Blogging Friends...

And Joani is one of them! Of course she was a friend BEFORE I blogged, and one of the main reasons I started my Blog! She is UBER talented and one of the sweetest people I have ever had the privilege to call friend! She has honored me with some Blog Awards...made my week!

First I am to list 5 things I am addicted to: ( this is the easy part...I have MANY addictions...LOL)

1. Coffee and Diet Mt. Dew! I can't make it thru the day without them!

2. Rubber Stamps (DUH)...I once saw a stamp that said" She who dies with the most stamps,
WINS! " I wanna win...LMAO!

3. Blog Hopping! There are SO MANY talented Papercrafters out there, it makes my head spin!! I have gotten so much inspiration since I have started following!

4. Music!! I LOVE IT! It makes me smile...keeps the spirit light! I have been singing for over 40 years, and can't make it thru a day without some sort of music in my life.

5. This should be #1 actually, because it is not only an addiction, but an obsession! My daughter's giggle! I love to hear her giggle...I live for it!
She is the light of my world, and her happiness is everything!

From here I am to pass these awards on to 5 Blogs I love to Visit
and let them know I have awarded them! I am sending these on to:

Giovana - I first met Giovana in a swapping group on MSN. She is
SO talented and sweet! I love to visit her Blog daily.

Judy - Again, another papercrafter I met on and MSN group. I have also had the honor of spending a week at a retreat in San Antonio with her, and she is one of the most talented and creative women I know! She has such a cool sense of humor, and I just Love her! She has always offered me encouragement and TONS of inspiration! She also has the coolest online site...
I couldn't get Blogger to let me link, so I did it the easy way! Check her out!

Cindy - Also a real sweetie! One of my Canadian friends whose work I love...and stalk! hehehe
( Aren't I lucky to know so many sweeties?)

Renee - Although she has been busy renovating her kitchen and not doing alot of creating, you can look back and see her creativity! I am sure she will be back into the swing when her house is done te way she wants it! I can't wait!

Juliea - I have never had the pleasure of swapping with or meeting Julie, but I do enjoy her blog daily! She has some of the most wonderful ideas using Stampin' Up ( my first love), and is totally inspirational!

WOW that was hard to do, as I have so many I visit on a daily basis and just ADORE! I have some cards to share, so I will be back later! Have a Wonderful MLK Day!

Rubber Hugs,


JulieA said...

Julie, thank you! I didn't even know you were out there, but now I have your blog address. Thanks for the awards - that's a really cool honor!

Giovana said...

Thanks so much Julie!!!
God bless

craftycardmaker said...

Thanks so much Julie! I'm working on completing the post for my site. The first part was easy, but I'm having a tough time choosing who to pass the awards on to. :)