Sunday, July 5, 2009

I Disappeared..

But now I am back! Friday night, I did a Sketch Challenge I found online, and OMGoodness, it was HORRENDOUS! I was so distraught ( OK here comes the drama) that I couldn't bring myself to even go to the stamping table. I know, sounds corny, but it is true! My poor friend, Cindy, had to deal with my whining....she is a saint!
Anyway, she challenged me to try the Polished Stone Technique since I had never done it, and voila, my Mojo has returned! Thank you, Cindy!
This card is the result~ I used YoYo Yellow and Positively Pink re-inkers to do the Polished Stone. I totally love how it came out! Then I stamped Upsy Daisey in Marveous Magenta ( I know that sounds gross) and embossed it. Next time, I am NOT embossing...I think it will look better. then I just layered with White and Positively Pink on a YoYo Yellow card base.
I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July weekend! I have a few more ideas in my head, so I will be posting again tomorrow, I am sure! Thanks for stopping by...
Rubber Hugs,

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