Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Happy Humpday!

Happy Wednesday, Everyone! Well, I survived the Doctor yesterday, though the nurses were a bit frazzled...hehehe. When they took my BP it was 186/132....yeah, scared me too. So they called the doc in and he retook it a 3rd was the same. Spring into action...LMAO! I scared the begeebers outta them...they gave me a clonopen and it went down within 5 mins. Needless to say, I have new meds. They make me drowsey since I am not used to them yet, but I will adjust. THAT is why I didn't get anything posted for you yesterday.
On the path of inking stamps I have yet to use, I came upon this NEW set, SU Friendship Blooms.
I have been trying to do fast and easy, and even though I don't DISlike this one, it just doesn't have enough UMMPH for me....Does that make me an embellie snob? I hope not!
My DD liked it a lot, and snagged it for her friend for a 'Happy" card. I am so glad Shelli likes my stuff! Anyhoooo, I am waiting for DishNetwork to come set up the new dish, so I will be back later with more. Have a fabby afternoon!
Rubber Hugs,


Nicola said...

Cute card. I like this set.
Gonna pop you on my blogroll.


carole_philpot said...

Oh Julie, this card is lovely.

Gabby said...

LOL...embellie snob! Yes my are! Nothing wrong with that! LOL! I love it Julie! BTW...take care of yourself OK! I got scared just by reading about your BP! BIG HUGS!